Missing Classmates

Help Us Find "Missing" Classmates!


We are trying to update our classmate data base so we can contact as many classmates as possible about our upcoming 50th Reunion and other Class Activities.

Also, we want to add those who attended but did not graduate with us in 1968, such as those who moved away in their junior and senior year or weren't able to graduate for other reasons. We would like to include them in our mailing list and invite them to tell us what they've been up to the past 50 years.

If you have information about how to contact some of our "Missing Classmates" please have them sign up on this website ( DHSClassof68.org )  or have them contact DiAnne Fentress Rowe at: dfrowe@comcast.net and we will add their information to our data base.

Thank you!!

Missing Classmates

  • Danielle Baker
  • John Bolin
  • Debbie Booth Ford
  • Garry Burlingame
  • Nancy Carey Becker
  • Lana Clifford
  • Cherie Conyers
  • Allison Currie Alosada
  • Terry Davis
  • Pam Donnell Armstrong
  • Julie Dowell Hamlin 
  • Diane Doyle Bowman
  • Connie Dunlap Schlager
  • Stuart Exall
  • Mary Ellen Fehr Williams
  • Ricky Fisher
  • Cathy Glason Schmid
  • Charlotte Grant Wilson
  • Penny Grant
  • Randy Grant
  • Kim Hawksley
  • Danny Jackson
  • Debbie Jackson
  • Shiela Kelly Donovan
  • Sherrie Lane
  • Barbara Meeves Bennett
  • Gary Meyers
  • Retha Norcutt
  • Kris Pearson
  • Sheryl Petrson
  • Jackie Price
  • Geoff Rice
  • Nancy Robertson
  • Dave Rhode
  • Carolyn Sampson Ellis
  • Marily Sampson
  • Nancy Sawyer
  • Diane Sharpe Wells
  • Mike Sidman
  • Kathy Simpson Aatsen
  • Diane Sipe Gale
  • Dan Smith
  • Don Smith
  • Chris Soloy
  • Dirk Tibbets
  • Kathy Travis Roderick
  • Alan Walter
  • Sue Webb Tomlinson
  • Joan Westin Pierce
  • Leonard Weese
  • Shari Wilder Bodie
  • Patti Will
  • Bonita Williams
  • John Williams
  • Larry Williams
  • Marie Williams Lindquist
  • Jane Doris Windsor Davis
  • Diana Wood Raynor
  • Peggy Zeigler Willman
  • Jan Zutz Willford


Juanita Medina
Cherie Monette
Retha Norcutt
Nick Sidman