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    DHS CLASS OF '68



  SEPTEMBER 28, 29, 30, 2018


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1)   Are you planning on attending the 50th Reunion?

Yes No

Upcoming Planning Committee Meetings

When:  4pm, Saturday, March 3rd

Where: Judy Hick's work site

             Clean Water Services,

              16580 SW 85th Ave, Tigard, OR 

               Note: call Judy's cell

                         503-572-5110 for access to the site

Who:  All Classmates!!! We need help planning the Reunion.

Just show up, everyone can contribute. Big or small jobs.

It doesn't matter how much time you have to give. Just

show up and support the work to be done. Spend time with

classmates you haven't seen for a long time. Have FUN!!!

Minutes from prior meetings are also sent to classmates

with a current email address. 

Minutes of Last Planning Meetng

DHS 50th Reunion Planning Meeting

4pm 2/4/2018

Clean Water Services Office, Tigard,OR

SAVE the DATE: Our 50th Reunion is Sept. 28, 29, 30, 2018

Reviewed the Minutes from January, 6 meeting

  • DiAnne sent out Jan meeting minutes to all classmates for whom we
  • have working email addresses.
  • Some classmates have contacted DiAnne based on receiving the Minutes and the Agendas and have indicated interest in the Reunion

It was agreed to reimburse Jess Birge $75 for the money he paid to reserve the Sorosis Park shelter for Saturday Lunch. Karen Jolliffe will send him a check.

Judy Hicks-West: Registration

  • We have a five foot duck cotton banner which says “Class of 1968”. Judy is looking into having the names of all classmates listed in the yearbook put onto the banner. Note: if you know someone who’s picture or name is not in the yearbook but who was in our class please contact Judy so their name can be included,
  • Judy will continue to seek out catering options for Saturday lunch

Terry Cole Woodhams: Saturday Evening Dinner

  • Crimson and grey linens do not appear to be easily available in The Dalles.  She will pursue looking in other venues for rental options, ex Portland.
  • Terry is looking for committee members to help her with simple table decorations as well as general décor for the Saturday dinner at the Country Club. If you are interested please contact Terry,
  • Terry and Judy will visit The Dalles to complete several tasks:
    • Visit Brew Pubs to determine which one would work for the Friday Night 9:30 No-Host Get Together
    • Talk with the Chamber of Commerce about Gift Bags and hotel/motel accommodations for classmates coming from out of town (any deals available?)
    • Visit Spooky’s to reserve large room for Friday evening, Sept 28
    • Visit Granada, is this a possible location for Sunday No Host Lunch?
    • Possibly meet with interested local classmates to review Reunion Plans over lunch, if interested in meeting please email Judy
    • Meet the Dalles/Wahtonka Museum folks about articles we can borrow for Saturday dinner decorations


  • DiAnne Fentress-Rowe: Donations
    • Donations from several classmates total $1525.00.
    • Donations will be put into the bank account this next week, we are sorry it has taken so long to get the banking account set up but it is now in place. Thank you for your patience while we are holding donation checks.
  • DiAnne: General Reunion Planning
    • We are still seeking a Correspondence Secretary to do things like send out Thank You notes, invite special guests/retired teachers to the Reunion dinner, etc. If you are interested PLEASE let DiAnne know. This is a job that can be done from anywhere!!!!! DiAnne will continue to do all other secretarial tasks. Contact DiAnne at

New Business

  • We are still looking for classmates to volunteer for a variety of jobs:
    • Spearhead the fundraising Silent and Live Auction during the dinner on Saturday. Note: This job can be done from anywhere. If you have any experience with silent and live auctions please volunteer for this job. Donations will be collected at registration. The physical work will be the weekend of the Reunion but making calls, soliciting donations from classmates and businesses, doing the paperwork….these tasks can be done from anywhere.
    • Work with Ed Drury on the music during the dinner and for dancing after dinner on Saturday. Ed lives in the Portland area. If you have a musical interest, please volunteer to work with Ed on creating great sounds for the Saturday dinner.
    • Photographer(s) for Formal Group and casual photos during the Reunion. Make a photo display for our website of photos taken during the Reunion. We need a couple of skills here; first we need to find someone to take the full class picture on the steps of the high school Saturday late afternoon. We also need someone, or more than one person, who understands social media who can direct classmates to upload all their cell phone pictures to a site, then organize those photos and put the best on our Facebook page and class website.
    • Classmates to work with Terry Cole on decorations for the Dinner on Saturday and the clean up after the dinner
    • Spearhead the Saturday Picnic Memory Display. The Reunion Planning Committee want classmates to bring elementary school classroom photos, junior and senior high pictures casual, prom pictures, whatever you have to the Saturday lunch. Also bring any mementoes from your years of schooling in The Dalles, from things you made in Art class to things you made in Shop. From the football you made a touchdown with a “Carnival”play script. Whatever it is, PLEASE bring it. We want to set up a display of all of these pieces of Memorabilia for classmates to look at both during the Saturday lunch and dinner. The list is endless, start looking through your attics now!

We need some people to help with the set up of the display at each site and to help make sure everything get back to the owners as the display get’s taken down.This display could be very meaningful if we think about what was important to us growing up and share it…I wish I had kept my roller skates!

  • Helping Classmates and Families to personal choice activities on Saturday afternoon via shuttle them, as out of town folks may not have cars and/or leading tours
  • Spearhead the development of the Class Memory Book If you have skills in the area of graphic arts, web-based design and publishing, printing this one is for you. We need someone (more than one?) classmate who has the knowledge and skill to take the information provided by each classmate in response to questions in their Registration Packet and turn those into a Memory Book.
  • Developing a Planning Calendar will be topic of the February Meeting
    • Outline what needs to be done each month:
      • March 3rd
        • Terry and Judy visit The Dalles, meet with classmates over lunch
      • April 7th
        • Send out Registration and Memory Book Information packet
      • May 5th
      • June 2nd
        • Re-send Registration and Memory Book packet
      • July 7th
        • Last sending of Registration and Memory Book packet to anyone not yet responded
      • August 4th
      • September 1st
    • How will we know the tasks are completed?
  • Other Decisions:
    • Saturday “On Your Own Activity” choices were discussed. Ideas so far:
      • “She Who Watches Tour” by Ed Edmo
      • Maryhill Art Museum visit
      • Tour of The Dalles High
      • Tour of the Museum for The Dalles High/Wahtonka
      • Golf Scramble
      • Tour of the Discovery Center
      • Tour of the Fort Dalles Museum
      • Wine Tours
    • Note: Since the Cleveland Indians have decided to no longer use Chief Wahoo it is believed we no longer need their permission to use it ourselves. This is important since, when The Dalles and Wahtonka merged,  The Dalles gave up the permission it had received from the Cleveland Indians many years ago to use the logo.
  • Questions/Ideas: if you have any questions or ideas for the Reunion please share them by sending an email to DiAnne ( or Judy (




Thanks to Judy Hicks we have a Class Facebook page!

Please go to:

                        The Dalles High School entrance.jpg


A big Thank You to those who have sent Donations in already.  Classmates please donate whatever you can to help the Planning Committee put together a memorable and worthy Reunion.

Funds you donate will help accommplish these and other tasks:

reserve the location for the dinner

reserve the location for the picnic

purchase postage stamps and printing for mailings 

printing and decorations for Reunion 

keep this website up and running into the future.

Please send donations to:

Karen Jolliffe

1801 35th

San Francisco, CA 94122






You may have noticed our Classmates who have passed before us are now listed in the Classmate Profile Tab. They are listed with three *** next to their name. The Classmates page lists only peers who graduated with us, some students, such as Alice Parsonsmoved away before graduation so her name is on listed on this page.

If you click on a listed name you will be taken to a page with a scroll. You can write stories, memories, "tall tales", poems, etc. on their scroll.  There you can say anything you would like to say about that person, to that person or things you would like others to know about that person. It is a chance, as a class and as individuals, to share our thoughts and feelings about those classmates who have gone before.


Please review the list of "Missing Classmates" tab as we make changes when we update the Data Base. If you know how to contact any of these classmates please let them know we want to include them in our Reunion Planning and please send their contact information to DiAnne,, Thank You.





Our Goal is to have at least 70% of our Classmates participate in some part of our 50th Reunion Celebration. Please help us reach this Goal.


The Schedule of Events for Reuntion Weekend

h School Class of 1968 50th Reunion


September 28th, 2018


5:00 pm Registration Opens, Spooky’s Pizza

                Judy Hicks West


Option 1 Classmates Stay at Spooky’s

Option 1 Classmates go to The Dalles High Football Field  where at Halftime the 1968 Booster, Football  

                 Team and Cheerleader will be honored

9 pm Social at ____________Brew Pub

          Jim Slusher: Trivia Host  Prizes for each round??

                                                  Grand Prize???




Saturday Schedule

The Dalles High School Class of 1968 50th Reunion

September 29, 2018

11:30am Sorosis Park Shelter Open for Catering, decorating, Memorabilia Wall set  up, etc

12:00 pm Lunch served

12:30 pm “Ice Breaker” Games

1:30 pm End of Lunch, Clean Up

1:30 – 5 pm Classmates on their own, suggested activities:

  • “She Who Watches Tour” by Ed Edmo*
  • Maryhill Art Museum visit
  • Tour of The Dalles High
  • Tour of the Museum for The Dalles High/Wahtonka
  • Golf Scramble
  • Tour of the Discovery Center
  • Tour of the Fort Dalles Museum
  • Wine Tours

5:30 pm  50th Reunion Class Picture, DHS High Steps

6:30 pm  Social Hour, The Dalles Country Club

7:30 pm Dinner, The Dalles Country Club


Dinner Program

The Dalles High School Class of 1968 50th Reunion

Saturday Evening, September 29, 2018


Jim Slusher and Phil Foote – Emcee’s

  • Welcome Classmates
  • Welcome Former Teachers in attendance
  • Announce  “Turning off cell phones but before you do ; Now is the time to take out your phones and take a selfie pic with your tablemates and post to Facebook using _______, as you can do for all the pictures you have taken throughout the weekend. Now please, turn off your phones.
  • Thank you and introduce our photographer and videographer ______________
  • Thank and introduce Rachel and the staff at the Country Club for the Great Dinner and Thank our classmate Terry Cole Woodhams and her team of classmates for organizing and decorating this dinner.
  • Thank you to Ed Drury for the music provided during the evening
  • Introduce our classmates Steve Hodges and ________ at this time.
    • ___________ will ask all who served in the military to come forward.
    • Steve Hodges will pay a saxophone solo “Lean On Me” as people come forward
    • __________ and classmates will read the “Veteran’s Salute” together, as found at each place setting
    • Steve will continue to pay as classmates find their way back to their seats
  • Jim and Phil: Video of our Class History
  • Live Auction Items
  • Acknowledgments and prizes for Classmates
    • who traveled the furthest
    • couple who are the longest married
    • who have the most total children (children+grandchildren+great-granchildren)
    • drawing of lucky classmate who get’s their ___ registration refunded in cash
    • ..
    • ..
  • Mention of the Memorabilia Display and where it is in the room
  • Mention of the Donation Jars in a couple of places around the room (by the desserts and by the Memorabilia). Please help defray cost of future Class functions.
  • Review of Sunday events, Thank you to Wendy Palmer Patterson for the Celebration of Classmates who have Passed 11:30 am Sunday Morning at Sorosis Park, OYO lunch at 12:30 at ________.
  • Thank you to the Reunion Planning Committee
  • Now, Who wants to do this again? When???? Who wants to help with the Planning???


Sunday Schedule

The Dalles High School Class of 1968 50th Reunion

September 30th, 2018

11:00 am Memorial for Classmates, Sorosis Park Shelter

                 Wendy Palmer Patterson

12:30 pm Lunch On You Own, maybe at the Granada

End of our 50th High School Class Reunion


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1)   Do you have suggestions or ideas to make our 50th Reunion even more meaningful? If so, please share. The Planning Committee is seeking input to help plan a memorable weekend. Thank you.





DiAnne Fentress-Rowe: