In Memory

The list of classmates we've lost :

Elizabeth Brock




Grace Buckles

Birth: 22 Mar 1950 The Dalles, Oregon

Death 4 Apr 2002 The Dalles, Oregon



Joyce Chastain Teurck

Birth: 18 May 1950 Vancouver, Washington

Death: 18 Jun 2015 Ocean Park, Washington


Anthony “Tony' Benson Commander

Birth 16 Mar 1950  The Dalles, Oregon

Death: 20 Aug 2016 The Dalles, Oregon


Jehm Coombs




Thomas Lynn Elliott

  Birth: December 8, 1949

  Death: October 4, 2019 The Dalles, Oregon


Charles Verne Evans

Birth 10 Sept 1949 Hood River, Oregon

Death 28 Jul 2001 Bellingham, Washington


Michael Jay Fargher

Birth 23 Oct 1949  The Dalles, Oregon

Death 25 Dec 2018  Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Robert “Bob” Edward Forsi

Birth 9 Nov 1949 Brainerd, Minnesota

Death: 7 Mar 1991 Hood River, Oregon


Gary Clarence Gallagher

Birth 14 May 1949

Death: 21 May 2003 Wasco, Oregon

Buried in Gallaher Family Cemetery, The Dalles Oregon


Cheryl “Chere” Hammer Jones

Birth 1 Apr 1950 Jackson Minnesota

Death: 3 May 2014 Portland, Oregon


Additonal article:


Wilard Wayne Hinshaw 

Birth: 13 Oct 1948 McMinnville, Oregon

Death: 14 Jul 1993 Portland, Oregon


Joseph “Jody” Alan Hotka

Birth: 22 Aug 1950 The Dalles, Oregon

Death: 23 Jan 1996  Portland, Oregon


Valerie Ann Ingebo

Birth: 11 Apr 1950 Boxeman, Montana

Death: 14 Apr 2005  Troy, New York


Sylvia Jean Kosse

Birth 27 Jun 1950

Death: 29 Mar 1974  Eugene Oregon


Lee Bradford Lacey

Birth: 8 Feb 1950 Longview, Washington

Death: 15 Feb 2009 Oregon



Cindy Leland




Elizabeth “Betsy” Lee Merriss Curry

Born: Jan. 5, 1950

Death : Feb. 17,1999


Bruce Morgan 




Tom Moser


Death 2016 Portland, Oregon


Robert Newson

Birth: Aug 11, 1949

Death: Sept. 19, 2017

Residence: The Dalles, Ore


Alice Parsons




Gloria Petty Bruce

Birth: 23 Jun 1950 Seattle, Washington

Death: 9 Sept 2011  Seattle, Washington



John Phipps




Pete Rongerude

Birth: 27 May 1950 The Dalles Oregon

Death: 23 Jan 1980 Multnomah, Oregon


Marilyn Sampson




Ray Schleck




Kathy Sexton Kosse

Birth: 25 Jul 1950

Death: 25 Dec 2008 Washington


Daniel Eugene Smith

Birth: 18 Oct 1950

Death: 21 July 2018 The Dalles



Lynn Patrick Smith

Birth: 22 Oct 1950 The Dalles, Oregon

Death: 24 Jul 2001 Oregon City, Oregon


John Charles Swick

Birth: 23 Feb 1950

Death: 25 Dec 1994 Clackamas, Oregon


Janice Lee Swift Gattis

Birth: 6 Feb 1951 Dumas, Texas

Death: 19 Apr 1997


John Michael "Mike" Todd

Birth: 1 Apr 1950

Death: 3 Apr 1991

Burial St Peters Cemetery The Dalles, Oregon


Nancy Usinger Kelly

Birth: 14 Jul 1950 The Dalles, Oregon

Death 14 Mar 2019 Hillsboro, Oregon

"On the evening of March 14, 2019, the world lost a glimmer of light. Nancy Beth Kelly (68), loving wife, mother and grammy passed quietly into the night surrounded by her loving family. Nancy was born in The Dalles, Ore., to Alexander and Irene (Schlitt) Usinger. She was an adventurous child and loved to explore the outdoors with her brother. They spent many summers at their boathouse on the Columbia River. When she was 15, Nancy attended a rec center dance and it was there she met the future love of her life, Brian Kelly. (Future because he asked her to dance and then didn't speak to her again for several months. He just stared at her in the school hallway. In his defense, he was shy and really liked her.) After high school she attended the University of Oregon with Brian and earned her degree in elementary education. She went on to teach at both Witch Hazel and Ladd Acres Elementary schools.
Nancy and Brian were married in 1973 after seven short years of dating. In 1981, her oldest daughter, Erica, was born. Nancy decided to transition her career into a stay at home mom, a career where she truly shined. Three years later, they welcomed the arrival of their youngest daughter, Rachel. Nancy cared for the girls, was a substitute teacher and did the billing for Brian's medical practice.
Nancy embodied all of the wonderful qualities people aspire to be: she was selfless, hard working, loving, beautiful, funny, patient and empathetic. To know Nancy was to love her. She had the gift of being able to talk to anyone and have them walk away feeling as if they were the most important person in her life. She touched everyone she met with her kindness, grace and true warmth. Nancy was an amazing mother and wife, but when her grandchildren came along she outdid herself. "Grammy" doted on her grandchildren, babysitting them whenever she could, taking them on adventures, doing crafts and always smothering them in treats. She was very proud of the time spent and relationships made with her grandchildren.
Nancy was always the heart of her family, but her two-year battle with cancer showed just how strong and brave she was. Everyday she was present after her diagnosis was a testament to her strength and will to be with her family just a little longer.
Her passing has left a hole in many hearts, both old and young. She was preceded in death by her mother and father. She is survived by her husband of 45 years, Brian; brother, Scott (wife Chris); her daughters, Erica and Rachel; sons-in-law, Micah and John; and her five cherished grandchildren, Cody, Tyler, Ruby, Drew and Quincy.
. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Oregon Humane Society.Please sign the online guest book at"

Brian Williams




Rick Francis Yankee

Birth: 25 Dec. 1949

Death: June 2018, The Dalles, Oregon

Bonnie Williams



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By Year Deceased Alphabetically

Elizabeth Brock (Deceased Year Unknown)
Grace Buckles (Deceased 2002)  
Tony Commander (Deceased 2016)
Tom Elliott (Deceased 2019)  
Vern Evans (Deceased 2001)
Mike Fargher (Deceased 2018)  
Bob Forsi (Deceased 1991)
Gary Gallagher (Deceased 2003)
Chere Hammer (Jones) (Deceased 2014)
Kim Hawksley (Deceased 2019)
Wayne Hinshaw (Deceased 1993)
Jody Hotka (Deceased 1996)
Valerie Ingebo (Deceased 2005)
Cherie Jones (Hamer) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Sylvia Kosse (Deceased 1974)
Lee Lacey (Deceased 2009)
Cande Leland (Johnson) (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Betsy Merris (Curry) (Deceased 1999)
Bruce Morgan (Deceased Year Unknown)
Tom Moser (Deceased 2016)
Robert Newson (Deceased 2017)
Alice Parsons (Marick) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Gloria Petty (Bruce) (Deceased 2011)  
John Phipps (Deceased Year Unknown)
Pete Rongerude (Deceased 1980)
Marilyn Sampson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Ray Schieck (Deceased Year Unknown)
Kathy Sexton (Kosse) (Deceased 2008)
Dan Smith (Deceased 2018)  
Lynn Smith (Deceased 2001)
John Swick (Deceased 1994)
Janice Swift (Gattis) (Deceased 1997)
Mike Todd (Deceased 1991)
Nancy Usinger (Kelly) (Deceased 2019)  
Brian Willaims (Deceased Year Unknown)
Rick Yankee (Deceased 2018)  

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