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•   Scott Baldwin  8/13
•   Nancy Sawyer (Broer)  8/13
•   Cherie Conyers (Monette)  8/7
•   Doug Sawyer (Sawyer)  8/6
•   Kathy Simpson (Aartsen)  7/29
•   Quinton Smith (Smith)  7/12
•   Barbara Telfer  7/5
•   Donnell Smith  6/23
•   Dean Wilcox  6/17
•   Vicki (Victoria) Kortge (Halsey)  6/14
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2 live in Arizona
4 live in California
1 lives in Colorado
1 lives in Georgia
2 live in Idaho
1 lives in Kansas
1 lives in Minnesota
1 lives in Montana
2 live in Nevada
2 live in North Carolina
49 live in Oregon
1 lives in Utah
16 live in Washington
1 lives in Alberta
1 lives in Afghanistan
1 lives in Mexico
1 lives in Netherlands
3 location unknown
31 are deceased


•   Jess Birge  8/18
•   Walter Worrell  8/24
•   Doug Sawyer (Sawyer)  9/1
•   Barbara Telfer  9/3
•   Suzanne Gray (Goolsby)  9/5
•   Kathy Simpson (Aartsen)  9/7
•   Joyce Thompson  9/11




    DHS CLASS OF '68



  SEPTEMBER 28, 29, 30, 2018


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1)   Are you planning on attending the 50th Reunion?

Yes No


The Schedule of Events for Reunion Weekend

School Class of 1968 50th Reunion

Friday Schedule

September 28th, 2018

6:00-11:00 pm Registration Check-in and Gathering for Buffet and No-Host Bar at the newly renovated Granada Theater. Step back in time with movies, musis and memories of our days growing up as we reconnect with our classmates.  

7:00-9:00 or so The Dalles High Homecoming game vs the Gladstone Gladiators will be played at Wahtonka field. A special seating section is reserved for our class and and our class will be honored on the field before the game begins! No charge for our class!!

9::-11:00 Back to the Granada for Jim Slusher's famous Trivia Contests and more opportunity to connect with old friends

Saturday Schedule

September 29, 2018

1:30 – 5 pm Classmates on their own, suggested activities:

  • Maryhill Art Museum visit (fee)
  • Wine tasting with Sam Swick Wines (fee)
  • Tour of The Dalles High School
  • Tour of the Museum for The Dalles High/Wahtonka District 9
  • Tour of the Discovery Center (fee)
  • Walking tour of downtown The Dalles and collecting special charms
  • Tour of the Fort Dalles Museum and Anderson Homestead (fee

5:00 pm  50th Reunion Class Picture, DHS High Steps

5:30 pm  Social Hour, The Dalles Country Club

6:30 pm Dinner and Program,  The Dalles Country Club

Sunday Schedule

September 30th, 2018

11:00 am Memorial for Classmates, Sorosis Park Shelter with Wendy Palmer Patterson

12:30 pm Lunch On You Own, TBD

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1)   Do you have suggestions or ideas to make our 50th Reunion even more meaningful? If so, please share. The Planning Committee is seeking input to help plan a memorable weekend. Thank you.


Upcoming Planning Committee Meetings

When:  4pm, Saturday, August 4th

Where: Judy Hick's work site

Clean Water Services,

16580 SW 85th Ave, Tigard, OR 

Who:  All Classmates!!! We need help planning the Reunion.

Just show up, everyone can contribute. Big or small jobs.

It doesn't matter how much time you have to give. Just 

show up and support the work to be done. Spend time with

classmates you haven't seen for a long time. Have FUN!!! 

Information about the Reunion is at:

  • Questions/Ideas: if you have any questions or ideas 

          please send them to DiAnne ( 

          or Judy (

DHS Class of ’68 50th Reunion Planning Meeting

4pm, June 2, 2018

Clean Water Services Office, Tigard, OR


  1. Review of the Minutes from 5/5/2018, changes were made and then minutes were accepted
    • Revisions
      • Change dessert for Country Club dinner to Carrot and Chocolate cake
      • Add information from Mike
      • Change Sunday lunch to TBD
  2. Finance:
    • Do we have a down payment bill for Reserving the Granada?
      • Reservation is secured but the $100.00 down payment hasn’t yet been made
      • No expenses at this time
    • Do we know if Jess was able to move the reservation for Sorosis Park to Sunday?  No information yet but Judy will check with him as she is seeing him tomorrow, Sunday
  3. Updates from:
  1. Judy Hicks-West, Chair Update Registration
    • Jim Brown has contacted DiAnne with information about a classmate who hasn’t yet received a Registration Packet. He will be in Portland in the next week or so. Jim was hoping someone could meet with him personally to go over the packet information. Terry volunteered to contact this classmate to help him get registered.
    • Suzy Gray Goolsby contacted DiAnne about a classmate who hadn’t yet received a Registration packet. DiAnne shared information about our website and Judy’s email address for Registration information. DiAnne also followed up with this classmate on email.
    • Chris Jensen Wallace has located three classmates who were on our “Lost List” and Judy now has their contact information and will send Registration packets to them. THANK YOU CHRIS! DiAnne also followed up with each of these classmates and sent them a welcome message.
    • Registration Packets (including the Memory Book questions) were sent out 102 classmates via email in early May. Since that time Judy has had received several as having the wrong email address and has been working to get correct email addresses and resending out packets to those classmates. Packets were sent to 68 or so classmates for whom we only have mailing addresses later in May. Judy is keeping a data base of all responses.
    • Judy and Terry were in The Dalles on Friday, June 1, for another visit regarding Reunion Planning
      • They met with the Rymmel, the curator of the DHS/Watonka Museum.  They reserved several items for Friday Night and Saturday for the Reunion Weekend  as well as made arrangements for the DHS tour at 10am on Saturday and the tour at the Museum for between 12 and 3 on Saturday Reunion weekend.
      • They visited Cousins Country Inn regarding the Sunday Brunch but this may not work out for our group so we are going to look at the Clock Tower as an option instead.
      • Wally Hughson is working on a presentation about our class. Thank you Wally for this work!
  2. Mike Bartell, Chair Update Friday Night Activities
    • Mike was not able to attend the Planning Meeting due to a medical issue. He continues to work with the DHS Athletic Director in planning the activities at the Football Game on Friday.
  3. Question – Who is in charge of Friday Night at the Granada, is it Mike or someone else?
    • Mike will be in charge of the Football activities
    • Sonja, Judy and Terry will be in charge of the activities at the Granada
  4. Terry Cole Woodhams, Chair Update Saturday Evening Dinner
  • No update
  1. DiAnne Fentress-Rowe, General Reunion Planning Committee Update
    • Memory Book, updated information from Teresa
      • Teresa Goff-Lindsay has volunteered to take on the task of organizing the Memory Book. When the Memory Book forms are returned,  DiAnne will send them to Teresa in the Netherlands. Teresa will send the final document back to DiAnne to be printed and available at the Reunion. However…
    • Teresa said that her computer OS is Linux, so as long as people use Microsoft or simply answer in the body of an email she can upload them.  However, I hope people can be strongly encouraged to email their questionnaire responses, to facilitate compiling the book.  She believes she will still be able to copy and paste handwritten responses, but we all agree no one has time to type out multiple hand written Memory book comments, given different handwriting styles and time.  So we need to encourage EVERYONE to TYPE their Memory Book responses.
    • How shall we get the final document printed?
      • We now need to go to a professional printer for color front and back cover which will be around 1.25 cents a page and  about 20 cents double sided for the inside pages. If we have around 100 pages the cost will be around $25.00 with spiraling. Again, these are just estimates, the actual costs may be very different.
  2. Volunteer Update
    • No updates, however, we are very much in need of volunteers at this point to help with the work. The Planning Committee simply cannot continue to do all the tasks required to get the Reunion up and running. Please volunteer to help!
  3. Review of the Planning Calendar
    • June
      • Re-send Registration in pdf format and Memory Book packets to those who have not yet responded,  ongoing
    • July
      • Last sending of Registration and Memory Book packet to anyone not yet responded
      • Phone Tree. Our idea is set up a phone tree across the US to telephone everyone who has not yet returned their Registration Packet (if we have their phone number). DiAnne has already asked several classmates and none have been able to do this. The task is a onetime task to organize the chart then other volunteers will make the calls. If you have a few hours and organizational skills please volunteer for this job!!
    • August  
      • Aug 30th is the last day to Register for the Reunion
      • Phone Tree Again???
    • September 1st
      • Details, details, details, details, details…..
  4. Other things to do:
    • Create signs to ask classmates upload cell photos on Instragram and/or our class Facebook (The Dalles High School Class of 1968) page
    • Signs, signs and more signs! Judy will contact Jess Birge about getting announcements of our Reunion on reader boards at:
      • local motels
      • DHS
      • car dealerships
  5. Other
    • Picture Hanger for tables
      • DiAnne will purchase 12 carousel picture clip display and this summer print out pictures from our yearbooks to clip onto the display.
      • The pictures will have the names of classmates hidden on the back
      • The displays will be on tables at the Granada
    • If classmates have questions about the food offerings at the Granada or the Country Club please contact Terry at
    • Judy will reconcile the current data base with the changes she is receiving as she sends out the Registration packets and gets them back.
    • The Dalles Chronicle has a column “What’s Happening” which can announce the upcoming Reunion. Also they can announce our Missing Classmates in hopes of locating more of our classmates. Terry will contact them in July to get this in the paper. The list of classmates who are missing can be found on our class website:
    • Judy will ask Sonja if she would contact the local radio stations about posting announcements about the reunion starting in August.
    • Nametag Buttons;
      • . The committee agreed to a plan for classmate and guest nametags
    • DiAnne is having knee replacement surgery June 11 and will be “out of commission in June”. Agreed that we will go on as is with DiAnne doing her best during this time and if something doesn’t get done, it doesn’t get done.

DHS Class of ’68 50th Reunion Planning Meeting

4pm, July 2, 2018

Clean Water Services Office**, Tigard, OR


  1. Review of the Minutes from 6/2/2018, approved as written
  2. Finance:
    • Do we have a down payment bill for Reserving the Granada? Not yet
    • Other expenses at this point?
      • Roy Rowe request for reimbursement of $89.91 for 9 Clip Carousels for center-pieces at the Granada on Friday night. Receipts attached. Terry made out the reimbursement check to Roy Rowe. I more carousel is being bid on eBay right now – hopefully we will get it, for a total of 10. If we win, DiAnne will the submit cost next month.
      • No other expenses submitted
  3. Updates from:
  1. Judy Hicks-West, Chair Update Registration
    • Name tags
      • Agreed to purchase red ribbons with silver 50th Reunion writing to go below name tags.
      • Previously created buttons, with yearbook pictures, will be handed out also.
    • Registration Update
      • Registration forms are very slow coming in; to date we only have fourteen. A concern was expressed that if Registration don’t increase by August we may need to cancel or change one or more event as we have guaranteed deposits we cannot cover at this time.
  2. Mike Bartell, Chair Update Friday Night Activities
    • Nothing,  Mike is in Hawaii celebrating his wife’s retirement
  3. Terry Cole Woodhams, Chair Update Saturday Evening Dinner
    • No report
    • Terry will be creating a Program for the evening as the final schedule is determined
  4. DiAnne Fentress-Rowe, General Reunion Planning Committee Update
    • Financial Report
      • Cash on hand:  $124.22
      • Funds in the bank: $1217.00
      • Registrations to date:
        • Friday Night at the Granada  14 @  25  =  $350.00
        • Saturday Night at the Country Club  13 @  60  = $780.00
      • Class Picture 4  @  10    =  $40.00
      • Memory Book  5  @  20    =  $100.00
      • Future Reunion Donations = TBD
    • Data Base Updates have been sent to Judy, we still have about 18% of our classmates not yet found. Please look at the list of names on the bottom of the minutes to see the names of classmates we are still trying to find.
    • Joe Swick Wine Tasting
      • We are looking for a classmate in The Dalles or Hood River who would be willing to host the wine tasting at their home on Saturday afternoon.  Joe will demonstrate a few of his wines with cheese and crackers and wine will be for sale. Is there a classmate who would be willing to host this great event? If so, please contact DiAnne at and she will put you in contact with Becky Kribs Swick.
    • Granada décor update
      • Group agreed to using the picture carousels as décor during Friday evening. The carousels will be moved throughout the evening so classmates will have different pictures to look at during the evening.
    • Memory Book, updated information
      • The committee is working on how the Memory Book will be printed for the least cost to classmates. Kathy Catmull Garrett, Class of ’66, has offered to help and gave several suggestions when we contacted her during the meeting.
      • DiAnne and Teresa Goff Lindsay are working on the issue of the Memory Book grey colored pages not allowing print to show on Teresa’s Lynix system, once the grey is turned white print shows. DiAnne will change the grey to white and send them off to Teresa. Judy will send DiAnne the Memory Book submissions as soon as she receives them. Debbie Beall Tom submitted her Memory Book thoughts in paragraph story form in an email and this worked great.  If other classmates would like to do the same please do.
    • Confirmation of Jim Slusher and Phil Foote for MC’s at Saturday dinner
    • Contact with Mr. Nick Nelson, DHS Vice- Principal regarding a possible gift from our class to the high school
      • Mr. Nelson has provided us a list of possible options from which we can choose one as a donation from our class to the high school. His list was a bit more expensive than we may have funds to provide so we agreed to ask for a variety of ideas in the $500 to $1500 price range.
  5. Volunteer Update
    • Judy’s daughter and photo club friend are looking into the possibility of a photo booth at the Granada on Friday. They will also be taking the Class photo on Saturday at 5pm.
  6. Eagle’s RV Parking Lot – Scott  Baldwin
    • Scott has arranged with The Dalles Eagles Club for overnight parking for the duration of the Reunion (day before and day after, Thursday through Sun or Mon).
    • There will be room for 15-20 RV’s. The parking lot is not level so classmates will need to bring blocks, there are no showers or toilets provided. There are no hookups so you will be dry camping. Fresh water will be available to fill RV tanks. Tanks can be dumped at the Port on Klindt Drive. Information is attached. There is $15.00 per night for this campground.  For questions contact Scott, 503-385-6441. His email is
    • Scott said classmates will need to let him know at least two weeks before the Reunion if they want to use one of these RV spaces.
  7. Review of the Planning Calendar
    • July
      • Phone Tree. Judy will update the Data Base and send it to DiAnne via Google Docs. DiAnne will create 5-10 phone lists and ask classmates to contact those classmates in their areas who have not yet submitted their Registrations. This will be done by the end of July
      • Judy will send another paper Registration packet to those without email addresses this next week.
    • August 
      • Aug 30th is the last day to Register for the Reunion
      • Phone Tree Again???
    • September 1st
      • Details, details, details, details, details…..
  8. Other things to do:
    • How to upload and organize all the classmate cell photos on the class website and Facebook pages?
    • Signs, signs and more signs info will be determined after Judy and Terry’s next trip to The Dalles later in July
      • Big signs in The Dalles
      • Smaller signs in buildings and Sorosis
  9. List of Missing Classmates, if you know how to contact any of these classmates please let DiAnne ( or Judy ( know. Thank you


Missing Classmates

  • Danielle Baker
  • John Bolin
  • Debbie Booth Ford
  • Lana Clifford
  • Cherie Conyers
  • Allison Currie Alosada
  • Terry Davis
  • Pam Donnell Armstrong
  • Julie Dowell Hamlin 
  • Connie Dunlap Schlager
  • Stuart Exall
  • Mary Ellen Fehr Williams
  • Ricky Fisher
  • Cathy Glason Schmid
  • Charlotte Grant Wilson
  • Penny Grant
  • Randy Grant
  • Danny Jackson
  • Debbie Jackson
  • Shiela Kelly Donovan
  • Sherrie Lane
  • Barbara Meeves Bennett
  • Retha Norcutt
  • Kris Pearson
  • Sheryl Petrson
  • Jackie Price
  • Carolyn Sampson Ellis
  • Diane Sharpe Wells
  • Diane Sipe Wells
  • Dan Smith
  • Chris Soloy
  • Dirk Tibbets
  • Kathy Travis Roderick
  • Sue Webb Tomlinson
  • Joan Westin Pierce
  • Leonard Weese
  • Shari Wilder Bodie
  • Bonita Williams
  • John Williams
  • Larry Williams
  • Marie Williams Lindquist
  • Diana Wood Raynor
  • Peggy Zeigler Willman


A big Thank You to those who have sent Donations in already.  Classmates please donate whatever you can to help the Planning Committee put together a memorable and worthy Reunion.

Funds you donate will help accommplish these and other tasks:

create scholarhips for classmates to attend

purchase postage stamps and printing for mailings 

printing and decorations for Reunion 

keep this website up and running into the future.

Please send donations to:

Karen Jolliffe

1801 35th

San Francisco, CA 94122






You may have noticed our Classmates who have passed before us are now listed in the Classmate Profile Tab. They are listed with three *** next to their name. The Classmates page lists only peers who graduated with us, some students, such as Alice Parsonsmoved away before graduation so her name is on listed on this page.

If you click on a listed name you will be taken to a page with a scroll. You can write stories, memories, "tall tales", poems, etc. on their scroll.  There you can say anything you would like to say about that person, to that person or things you would like others to know about that person. It is a chance, as a class and as individuals, to share our thoughts and feelings about those classmates who have gone before.


Please review the list of "Missing Classmates" tab as we make changes when we update the Data Base. If you know how to contact any of these classmates please let them know we want to include them in our Reunion Planning and please send their contact information to DiAnne,, Thank You.





Our Goal is to have at least 70% of our Classmates participate in some part of our 50th Reunion Celebration. Please help us reach this Goal.

Thanks to Judy Hicks we have a Class Facebook page!

Please go to:

                        The Dalles High School entrance.jpg





DiAnne Fentress-Rowe: