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06/16/13 12:26 PM #9    

Diane Schroeder (Froland)

Hey, Jim- Happy Birthday!  Things sure have changed in the 45 years since we left high school haven't they?  Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion.  Diane

06/17/13 11:28 AM #10    


DiAnne Fentress (Rowe)

The most amazing thing! Diane Schroeder (Froland) and I are both in Seaside, both staying at the Worldmark and both of our rooms are on the same floor! How amazing is that! 


06/28/13 05:49 AM #11    


DiAnne Fentress (Rowe)

I am getting a bit concerned that our numbers are not growing very fast.

How are we coming on the updated list of classmates from the last reunion list? I have time this month to make some contacts, just let me know how I can help.

07/05/13 09:47 AM #12    


DiAnne Fentress (Rowe)

I have heard from three people via

Here are the messages:


Anita Zehrung Fraiser: I checked out the dates of the reunion and am not going to be able to make the trip. My husband, Jim, and I have spent the last year cruising on our boat and wil be back to Port Townsend  until October. Have fun! Anita

Jerri Anderson Geer: Thank you for the invitation, but this year I will have to decline as I do not have available the vacation time for such a trip. Update of Bio: Currently I am living with my husband in Sparks, NV. I work for a commercial brokerage firm in Real Estate. I have two daughters with children and one son living and one who passed twently years ago. I  have two step-granddaughters and two step-grandsons and one regular grandson. As you can see I am on Facebook for future reference. Have a great time - I will miss not being there and seeing old friends.

Teri (TJ) Wisner Perry: Run 2 theaters and a drive-in. Kids out of school. This is a 7 days a week business in the summer.

I have emailed each of them to ask for updated demo info for the data base.


07/12/13 08:26 PM #13    


DiAnne Fentress (Rowe)

Dear All

I have updated the class list, Excel version, again today. We have 28 people with email addresses. I have contacted each of them with info about the reunion and class website. Earlier I contacted the 80 or so classmates on with the same info and have heard from 8 or so. I still haven't received the updated index cards, I am not sure where they are now. If the person with the index cards would like me to send them my Excel spreadsheet I will be glad to do so, just let me know.

I am getting concerned that we still have so many people without current data and the reunion is in less than a month.


I am excited to see folks I've been emailing -  it will be such fun to get together!


07/14/13 07:02 AM #14    


DiAnne Fentress (Rowe)

Message from Jeri Anderson Geer:

In updating my address I will give you my PO Box as I can always be reached through there. My address is subject to change as we are full time RV'ers. My information is as follows:

Jerri L (Anderson) Geer

P.O. Box 12844

Reno, NV 89510

cell #: 541-980-3212

If I do not know a number I do not answer the call. If you leave a voice message I will return the call.

A personal contact for me in The Dalles is Vandee Mauser (class of 69), Vandee knows how to get in touch with me.

I hope that the reunion is well attended and I am sorry that I cannot make it.

you can also reach me at

Best wishes!

Jerri Geer

07/20/13 02:57 PM #15    


DiAnne Fentress (Rowe)

A few planning thoughts are running through my mind. Please share your thoughts.

1. do we need name tags, should we try to do them ahead of time or just have some ready for people to write their names when they arrive at Spooky's and/or Sorosis Park? Who might like to be responsible for this piece?


2. several people have suggested we video tape or webcast the event  and post it on this website so people who couldn't come can have a chance to watch. Who might like to be responsible for this piece?


3. the potluck at Sorosis will be fun. Should be do an alphbet breakdown for foods? A-J Salads, L-P main dishes, Q to Z desserts  and everyone bring drinks? Who might like to be responsible for the potluck planning?


4. has everyone signed up on this website contacted everyone they know and asked them to come to the website and sign up? If so, please be sure to ask each of those people to forward the message on.  Our numbers are growing but we aren't close to 240+ yet.


5. copies of the updated data base are available to Jim Brown, Teressa, Jim Slusher, Sonja and myself. Please contact any of us if you have demographic info (address, phone, email) to add to the list.


The day of the event is getting closer, it will be such fun to catch up and share stories of our lives.  See you there!


07/21/13 01:48 AM #16    


DiAnne Fentress (Rowe)

I just heard from Juanita Medina through Classmates. com. Here is her update:

Juanita lives in San Benito, Texas. She is married to Armando Batista Vargas. She  attended Texas Southmost College.

Juanita's interests include El Planeta, Animal, La gente, Soccer, **~Don't Break My Heart~**. Music she likes includes Art to Share, Ana Gabriel, Alfredo de la Fé. Books she likes include Caballo De Troya Jj Benitez, 1 Al 8, El Poder Del Ahora. Movies she likes include Frida, The Notebook, Life is Beautiful. TV shows she likes include HLN, The History Channel Latinoamérica, Nat Geo.

07/26/13 08:48 PM #17    

Rod Runyon

Jim, great job on the site.  By the way you sound all grown up on my voice mail.....    Anyway sorry but will miss the reunion.  I will still be on the road somewhere, probably in Montana, heading back from Sturgis.  

07/27/13 07:24 AM #18    

Diane Schroeder (Froland)

Rod - Sounds like you're a biker!  About 10 years ago I gave up my Harley after a couple of trips to Stirgis.  Sorry you won't be at the reunion - it would have been great to catch up.   Dine (Schroeder) Froland

07/27/13 10:04 AM #19    

Rod Runyon

Diane S.

Crushes are eternal.  Sorry I will not get to see you.  In my civilian life as Chairman of the Wasco County Commission, I would like to welcome everyone "home."  By the way and I don't know if it helps, but I put all the info and the web page link on my Facebook page.  Possibly, a few will find the info useful.

07/31/13 12:39 AM #20    


DiAnne Fentress (Rowe)

Our numbers are growing every day!  Thank you so much for signing up.

We are still in need of 2-3 classmate volunteers to help organize the potluck picnic at Sorosis on Saturday morning. If you are interested in helping please contact Jim Brown or myself. Your help will be greatly appreciated!


07/31/13 03:46 PM #21    


DiAnne Fentress (Rowe)

Plans are coming together for the reunion next week. A couple of things to share: if possible, when you come to the potluck, could you divide into alpha groups for food? A-J for salads, K -R for main dishes and S -Z for desserts. Please bring you own beverage and chairs if you'd like a comfy place to site and talk.

Again, our numbers are growning -Jim and I are calling more classmates every day - however if you could call everyone you you are still in contacty with and have them call their classmates we should get good coverage to make sure everyone knows about the reunion and this website.

Please let Jim or I know if you have any questions.

Hope to see many of you next week!


08/14/13 08:06 AM #22    

Diane Schroeder (Froland)

What a great reunion that was!  It was great to see and chat with everyone and the weather (for the most part) was terrific also.  Loved catching up with old friends and looking forward to our 50th when so many more classmates will show up!

08/14/13 10:15 PM #23    

Teresa Goff-Lindsay

Kudos to Jim and DiAnne for all the effort they put into the reunion!  

Thanks so much :)



08/21/13 09:29 PM #24    


DiAnne Fentress (Rowe)

Thanks to everyone for attending and helping with our 45th Class Reunion. It was a very special weekend.  We had over 50 classmates attend one or more of the events. Jim is working on the process for posting pictures to this website. If you took pictures and would like to share them please send Jim an email to let him know. He will tell you how to proceed with the posting.

We have some volunteers who offered to help plan our 50th Reunion. They are:

Mike Bartell

Chris Jensen Wallace

Phil Foote

Judy Hicks West

Nancy Robertson Maynard

Jim Brown

DiAnne Fentress-Rowe

If you are interested in helping and haven't yet volunteered please let Jim or DiAnne know (you can email us using the link on the bottom of our Profile page).  We are planning on sending out a survey in the future to find out what classmates would like to do for our 50th. We will also be sending out "Save the Date" announcements as the 50th gets closer.

What fun to have the continued opportunity to share our lives with each other!


08/22/13 04:22 PM #25    

Dennis Fisk

What a great time! Thanks to all for planning and getting everything in place!

On another note, please post the names of our classmates that have passed away. I know the list is getting longer each year and I think we should honor them by posting their names.  Even if the list is incomplete or you don't have any details, it still would be nice to know who is no longer with us.

Thank you!

11/22/15 03:23 PM #26    


DiAnne Fentress (Rowe)

Dear Classmates

There is a general DHS Alumnia Website. I received this message from the curator asking all graduates to send in update information to keep it current and informative.

If you or another classmate has information to share please post here AND contact Mike Elston so it can be posted on his website for all DHS alumni can read it.


Here is his message:

Hi All 
I would like you to help with providing names for the Alumni Web site profile, which honors an alumni for life achievements that we can use to inspire the students of today. If you have a classmate or fellow alumni that you would like to put forward please email me.
Thanks for your consideration 
Mike Elston

02/22/16 04:17 PM #27    


DiAnne Fentress (Rowe)

Suggested Activities for DHS Class of 1968 "Get Together" August 12-13-14, 2016

Friday Night 6ish:Spooky's Pizza No Host Informal Get Together in Side Room

Saturday 11ish:  Pot Luck Picnic at Sorosis Park (left side, near the front) 

Saturday 4:40: No Host Happy Hour/Dinner Clock Tower Ales

Sunday 2ish: TBD

Please share your ideas for making this weekend fun for everyone!


08/08/16 05:15 PM #28    


DiAnne Fentress (Rowe)

Dear Classmates

A couple of notes regarding this weekend's Class of '68 Get Together.

If you can, please bring chairs with you to the Potluck on Saturday starts about 11 at the northeast corner of Sorosis Park (the front, closest to the main road and to the left if you are facing the river). You will see a big "DHS Class of 1968 sign".


Second, the Happy Hour (about 4:30) on Saturday is being held at a new restaurant in town. The restaurant/bar is called "Route 30 Bottles and Brews" and is located at 317 E. 2nd. Here is a link:

See you on Friday night at Spooky's about 7pm!!


08/09/16 09:17 AM #29    


DiAnne Fentress (Rowe)

Dear Classmates

A couple of notes regarding this weekend's Class of '68 Get Together.

If you can, please bring chairs with you to the Potluck on Saturday starts about 11 at the northeast corner of Sorosis Park (the front, closest to the main road and to the left if you are facing the river). You will see a big "DHS Class of 1968 sign".


Second, the Happy Hour (about 4:30) on Saturday is being held at a new restaurant in town. The restaurant/bar is called "Route 30 Bottles and Brews" and is located at 317 E. 2nd. Here is a link:

See you on Friday night at Spooky's about 7pm!!


07/19/18 01:12 PM #30    

Scott Baldwin


RV parking has been arranged for self contained RV's..

sorry no tents as there are no toilets or showers available

Water is available for your fresh water tank

"Freebie' dump station on klindt in the port area

$15 per night @ the Eagles RV  parking lot  (paved parking lot) 

 (NOT level bring your blocks)

Questions or are interested???

contact me..



07/22/20 10:02 AM #31    


DiAnne Fentress (Rowe)

Dear Classmates,

I sent out a survey a week or so ago asking for your ideas regarding our planned 70th Birthday Party on September 26th.  If you haven't responded yet please do by 7/25.

I received a number of "wrong email address" responses back. I will be sending out a postcard with the survey information to each of these classmates with the survey information.

Also, if you weren't able to clink on the link and have it open automatically please cut and paste the link into your web browser window and it will open up.

Thank you again for sharing your thoughts about our next classmate gather.

Be well,



Please use this link if the one you received earlier doesn't work:

07/23/20 06:21 PM #32    

Vicki (Victoria) Kortge (Halsey)

i'm not interested in attending these festivities.  thank you for keeping the idea afloat!


09/03/21 08:27 PM #33    

Sonja Petersen (Talatzko)

It is with deep sorrow that I am letting you know that Judy Hicks West passed away on August 21st 2021 there will be a service or memorial at a later date. The family will let us know when that will be.

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