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05/20/13 04:07 PM #1    

Jim Brown

Welcome to the Dalles High School Class Of 1968 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

05/23/13 11:24 AM #2    

Jim Brown

Take a look at the page entitled "Options for the weekend of August 9th and 10th" and let's try to finalize the agenda. The options are just that, ideas tossed out for debate. If you have other ideas toss them in the hopper. I'd like to get this nailed down as quickly as possible so we have a firm plan to implement beginning with outreach to classmates.

05/26/13 11:33 AM #3    


DiAnne Fentress (Rowe)

I just heard from Anita Zehrung. She cannot attend our reunion as she is on a year long sailing trip with her husband.

I contacted about 80-90 classmates who are listed on sending each an email about the reunion and this website, I have heard from three or four folks already!

Jim, I think the plans for the reunion are inclusive of everyone - those who are still physically fit and those who have some needs. I also think the plans offer ample opportunities to get together and/or meet in small groups.

You have done a great job!


05/26/13 11:55 AM #4    

Diane Schroeder (Froland)

Jim -  I agree with DiAnne; you have done a great job organizing this reunion!  The options proposed offer something for everyone.

05/29/13 04:36 PM #5    

Dennis Fisk

Great job, Jim!

I think the options are fine as they are. I only have one question: who can remember where the old Ray Schultens lot was located? I have no clue!


05/31/13 06:32 AM #6    

Teresa Goff-Lindsay

Lovely, Jim!  And the nice, relaxed events you have planned sound perfect.  It would be great if someone could set up a live cam so those of us far away can attend virtually!  Maybe next time around I'll be living in TD.



05/31/13 09:17 PM #7    

Roy Hillman (Hillman)

Great Job Jim, I like it and it is simple and easy going for us retired old folk.... I will bring the noise machine and keep us in step with the show..... Also tell Denny were the old used car lot is please he has enough trouble getting there on time as it is LOL...... Down the street from the Iron works across the street, one block before zims on the oppisite side of the street, how was that for a discription Denny LOL>.......... Roy 

06/01/13 11:19 AM #8    

Dennis Fisk

Thanks Roy! I know I can always count on your smart-ass!
Looking forward to cruising the gut with you! I call shotgun!

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